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Post  Pop Heart on Thu Aug 27, 2009 8:25 am

If you have a quick glance around the forum, you'll see we've rearranged a few things! Theres still a few changes to come. But only a few.

First of all we've merged the sections on The Portal into one section. This way all the news/updates and announcements will be in the one place and easier to follow. We've also added a new section for challenge announcements. Anything thats posted in here by the Mods will be turned into an annoucement by the Admins.

Nextly we added a new section to the GIFs and animations section. Youtube Videos. For fanmade vid challenges. Fun fun fun!

For a little more variety, we've changed the categories of the Media section from Cd and DVD covers to Music and TV/Film. It'll be easier to handle and make sure we have a bigger choice of challenges.

In the Photoshop section we've merged the three orginal categories into one. That way all the resources etc are all together. We added The Gallery too. The Gallery is a place to showcase your own photoshop work. Comments and feedback ARE permitted in The Gallery too! So if you're looking for feedback, thats the place to go. Just remember to wait until the challenges are finished before posting your entries!!

There's also now a request section for all your photoshopping goodie needs!

So we've been busy all day and we're hoping this new layout and the new sections are going to boost the forum! Make it easier to navigate.

Suggestions are always welcome!

Happy Photoshopping!!

Rearranged! Popmusicladygaga
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