Mods/Judges role

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Mods/Judges role

Post  Pop Heart on Wed Aug 12, 2009 5:19 pm

Each category will have judges and a mod. The roles requirements are below

- Moderators will be in charge of the categories.
- The categories are Blends, Photomanipulations, Gifs and Entertainment.
- They will be head judge and will have the power to start the new challenges, delete other challenges and run their category however works for them best.
- They will not have moderating powers outside their chosen category.
- They must inform me of any changes they make.


- It will be the judges job to rank their personal favourites in accordance to what the Moderators ask them for.
- They will be expected to be online during the judging every week and if they're unable to participte they should contact their moderator.
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