Mods Guidelines (slightly updated)

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Mods Guidelines (slightly updated) Empty Mods Guidelines (slightly updated)

Post  Pop Heart on Mon Aug 24, 2009 4:07 pm

All new challenge posts should have the following:-
- A title title that includes the Challenge number and an appropriate title for the challenge
- A small description, clearly stating what is involved in the challenge
- The specs/rules of the challenge
- End dates for duration of the challenge (this can be approximate)
- If any images are being used, please post the image

When asking for judging scores:-
- State the challenge number and name in the title
- Explain what you are looking for (overall winner, 1st 2nd 3trd places, etc)
- Provide at least links to the entries for overall easiness for the judges. Also, if you do choose your own judging team, let an admin know.

The maximum waiting period between challenges is three days. If a new challenge has not been psoted by then, an admin will do so. Again, this comes under the three strikes rule. So please inform someone if you are going to be away.

And please use full and proper english. Not everyones first language is English and they may not be able to understand abberviated words or "net speak"

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Mods Guidelines (slightly updated) Popmusicladygaga
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