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General Challenge Rules Empty General Challenge Rules

Post  Pop Heart on Wed Aug 12, 2009 4:44 pm

1) The first and most important rule is that no feedback is to be given on ANY entry while the challenge is active. Anybody who gives feedback on an entry who has also entered will be disqualified. Anyone else who comments will be asked to delete their post. This is to stave off favouritism and hurt feelings. NO FEEDBACK! No matter how generalised the comment. You have three strikes. If you give feedback on an/any entries three times you will recieve a 3 week suspension and a demodding if your a mod. Harsh? Maybe. But this has always been the NUMBER ONE rule of the Photoshop Challenge. For the few years I've run it at Evthreads and Here. It's the FIRST rule!

2) No off topic discussions. If you have any questions PM, I repeat PM, either myself, aylah or the category moderator. If anyone does ask questions in the challenge thread they will not be allowed to enter that week. Forbidden are comments like “nice challenge, I’ll enter Tuesday (etc)” or “Wow all the entries are great I don’t think I can compete!” If you’re entering, enter. If you’re not, don’t. Feel free to comment on what you’ve entered if you’re actually entering and comment WITH your entry. No negativity though, if you hated it that much, you wouldn’t be entering it now would you? Lol!

3) If there are no entries on a particular challenge Four days after it's began, The challenge will be cancelled. In the event of just two or three people entering a challenge, there will be categories other than ranking places.

4) All entries must be the competitors own work and all entries must be brand new work! Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated. Anyone found to be using someone else’s work at all, with permission or no permission, they will be PERMENANTLY disqualified.

5) Every week new specs will be given and MUST be followed.

6) Your image can be any size you like, if the sizes are not specified. You are not limited to a max size unless otherwise stated.

7) Unless specifically stated, the entry does not have to include anything specific.

8 ) Please only post ONE entry per competitor, per challenge, unless stated otherwise.

9) Animations are not allowed unless it is the Gifs/Animation thread.

10)Any late entries will not be judged unless an extension has been agreed to by a judge.
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